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As a kitchen in progress, Local Foods Kitchen is focused on developing small-batch soup, salads, sides, sweets, sandwiches and entrees, using the freshest local and regional ingredients, as well as Certified Humane Raised & Handled® lamb, beef and poultry. Drawing inspiration from the flavors of her past, Chef owner, Katie Schma revitalizes them with the highest quality, farm-raised and seasonal ingredients.

Chef-crafted entrees, unique side dishes, sandwiches and salads, fully prepared or customized and catered in your home or office.  Ready-to-go foods can be enjoyed in the restaurant or packaged for you to take home!

Here for you, let Local Foods Kitchen bring fresh professional offsite servers and chefs to your house, office or special venue.  Its how they got their start!  Katie and her Local Foods Kitchen are not reinventing or recreating foods, they are cooking creative, convenient, farm fresh good foods that are colorful, natural, wonderfully flavored and easy for those times when you don’t feel like cooking or for when you simply just don’t have time! Come in to Local Foods Kitchen and find what your inner foodie craves!

Local Foods Kitchen - Fort Worth, TX - About Us
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